Tempe. STLB3 in the mix @ Art A Gogh Gogh!

Art A Gogh Gogh

Tucson. Think Tank Block Party II.

Think Tank Block Party 2

Portland. The Cool Time Millionaires Click.


Olympia. Valvoline & Co. reppin mega.


Austin. Markie T beats FTA.

Markie T

Detroit. The Deep Dad Dudes.

Deep Dad Dudes
When I’m lost and I’m found
and I can’t touch the ground
I’m plowed into the sound

Will I wake up
Some dream I made up
No I guess it’s reality

Tucson. Think Tank Website FTA. 2013.

Welcome to the tremendous presence that is Think Tank. Your new/old/best pals in Tucson, AZ, USA are making dreams come true and now the internet is so hyped, it jumped on the bandwagon. Internet’s a late bloomer. Wanna know more? Go to the website and stare at shit. Watch vids, ask questions or just pretend like you know. Click the pic dumbass.

Tucson. Think Tank Shindig #4.

Come on down to Think Tank this Sunday and party old timey style with all the beautiful scoundrels of Tucson. Featuring lively bands, stiff drinks, shiny smiles and crafty disc jocks.

Seattle. 7th Annual Bike-In.

Come celebrate bicycle culture with every single person in Seattle, Jon Francois and Triceratop. They’ve re-imagined the score to Rad (1986) and will be presenting their version live via 3 turntables and cleverly selected vinyl tasties. Click the poster above for more info.

NYC. Peep Barzan’s “Under the Mattress”.