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Weedstem 13: Whoa Many Mermaids

For the last 13 summers straight GC crew has gathered in the name of doing whatever the F$$$ we like to do. Hanging with the crew. Jamming tunes. Being wild. Sharing ideas, art, food, tents, sleeping bags, rivers, lakes, and sometimes accidentally really hot & dry fields. Come hang this year if you can make it. Cuttman’s gonna do a front flip in this bitch.

Tempe. STLB3 in the mix @ Art A Gogh Gogh!

Art A Gogh Gogh

Tucson. E_Rupt X T-Top X Shaun Harris X Bell Biv Cousteau.

Nunu 2.21.14

Tucson. Think Tank Block Party II.

Think Tank Block Party 2


And if your checking this, well then you prolly are too. GO NEXT YEAR. TUCSON throws the fuck down for all things dope and supports GC hard as fuck.
That’s a t-shirt cannon!

Attention Party – Hosted by BANGS

Bangs. Have you seen him lately? Is he good? Heard he was at the Kanuchi house. Saw him in front of Powells, had to roll too intense. Met him on the max, read his book, pretty fucking cool. Think he’s down in Cali. Biking? Hiking? Driving?
photo (1)
Whatever your recent Bangs experience… add this to the list. He is throwing an Attention Party at the Firkin Tavern in Portland OR on Tuesday, October 8th. Go there. Get out the box for a weird Tuesday.


Our main dude BZ is about to earn himself a spot at a sweet art show in Paris, France. Your gonna feel real dumb if you forgot to vote cuz maybe he’ll fly us all there for a GC vacation! SO VOTE!!

Portland. The Cool Time Millionaires Click.


Illslur + Sunday Grip – Float Momma

“Momma I’m coming home”
This is a new tape and digi EP from two good buds.
Want a physical: get one dumm dumm! illrapsire@gmail.com.
Check out some really cool artwork and pics at http://floatmomma.tumblr.com
Props to Valvo for life.